Fall - Mini Kickers (U5 - born in 2012)

Mini Kickers was developed for three- and-four-year-olds who are anxious to get started in soccer. The program is formatted to teach each player basic skills and to help develop a love for the game.

Fall - Recreation (U6-U10 - born 2007-2011)

Our recreational program is open registration - anyone who would like to play in this program is welcome to sign up.

Our goals for recreational soccer are to 1) help the kids develop a deep love for the game and 2) give each player the skills they'll need to later play on signature and club teams.

Unlike any other soccer organization we know, Elite Soccer League allows players to request specific coaches and teammates without restriction. As a result, teams often stay together and friendships form both on and off the field.

Fall - Signature (U9-U19 -born 2007-1999)

Signature League was created by Cal South to help coaches and players move beyond pure recreational soccer into a more competitive environment without the costs and commitments of a club team.

Signature League is a natural fit for young players who have developed into all-stars on their recreational soccer teams. These players will develop a greater love for the game and improve their individual skill set at a much quicker pace by playing with and against other highly-skilled players.

Player Evaluations are required for players wanting to join Signature League, unless they have already been accepted by a signature coach.

Fall - Club (California Football Academy) (U9-U19)

Elite Soccer League offers a full-scale club league for those who are ready to move beyond recreational and signature soccer.

Our club league is known as California Football Academy (CFA).  CFA teams play with and against other clubs in Orange County and surrounding cities in a gaming circuit called the Southern California Developmental Soccer League (SCDSL).

In addition, our club training is led by Andy Bird, director of coaching for ESL and CFA. Andy's experience in training teams and players to compete at the highest level is second to none.

Please fill out a Player Evaluation request if you are interested in tryout out for one of our CFA teams.  

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If you are unsure about which age bracket your son or daughter belongs in, please visit our age bracket information page.